Outcome-Based Assessment

The Foundation has a particular interest in measurable outcomes. Applicants are asked to clearly state program goals on the application and include a plan for an outcome-based assessment of the program activities.

Applicants are required to report on the program’s success by providing metrics on the qualitative and quantitative outcomes at the end of each grant period. When preparing a Final Outcomes Report, grantees should refer to the activities and projected outcomes outlined in the original grant application.

Report Deadline

The Foundation requires grantee organizations to submit a Final Outcomes Report and to account for the use of grant funds for the reporting period no later than January 31 following the completion of a one-year grant period.

Please see the Foundation’s award letter or grant agreement for confirmation of the scheduled report date. Grantee organizations who fail to submit the required report will not be considered for future funding.

Reporting Requirements

Narrative and financial reports must be submitted via the online system here. Log in to your account and select the “Requirements” tab. Select either “New Requirements” or “In Progress Requirements” from the drop-down menu. A list of open requirements will appear below the red bar with due date(s). Please enter report details on the form provided and upload attachments as required.

Submit Reports